How to insure an apartment from fire and flooding: conditions and cost of the policy

You can protect your real estate by various means – installing high fences, gratings and alarm systems. However, there are other factors bringing disaster, for which ingenious constipation is not an obstacle. All kinds of fire, gusts of plumbing or other pipes from the homeowner or his neighbors. Insurance against such circumstances will help apartment insurance against fire and flooding from the plumbing or heating system. The damage caused to a household can be reimbursed by an insurance company.

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How to insure the apartment from fire and flooding

Having insured your home from damage caused by fire or water, you can count on compensation for damage by the insurance company. And it does not matter who will be responsible for the fire or flooding. This category refers both to the organizer of such damage, and to the victims, whom he inflicted material damage. Each type of damage, whether fire or flooding, has its own differences that you need to know when signing the contract.

Terms and nuances of fire insurance

By insuring immovable or other property from fire, you can receive compensation for damage caused by fire, explosion, lightning strike, electrical circuit or other factors contributing to fire. Such an action will help the owner of the house building to save, if not existing clothing goods, then their material value.

It is possible to insure against fire a dwelling, its attributes, such as:

  • any residential or non-residential building;
  • finishing repairs;
  • equipment located in the room;
  • interior appliances.

Based on the foregoing, you can insure any value, if the policyholder considers it as such.

Of course, one should not expect instant compensation by the insurance agency, therefore signing the agreement will require the apartment owner to perform the following actions:

  • before visiting an insurance organization, it makes sense to photograph an apartment, a house, the property described;
  • after the elimination of fire, you should take in the authorized body a certificate of the accident of the insured event;
  • the owner of the building – the declarant, must draw up a register of property subject to registration.

The contract is executed only in writing. The procedure for signing an agreement is a concordat, the organization conducts with the appropriate permit and license provided by applicable law.

The insurance policy consists of the following points:

  • name of the contract;
  • full legal name, address, account of the agency;
  • full nominal formula of the declarant, place of residence, contacts;
  • fixation of the object of registration – a house or apartment;
  • monetary value of insurance;
  • risk description;
  • insurance premium;
  • term of continuation, termination of the concordat;
  • the procedure for making possible changes to the document;
  • the procedure for its termination;
  • signatures of contractors, seal of the organization.

The main block of documents consists of the policy itself, its conditions and rules.

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Conditions and nuances of insurance against flooding

Such flood insurance consists of the following risks:

  • gusts, percolation of all kinds of valves in the apartment;
  • gusts, flow of the heating system;
  • impulse, the flow of all sorts of sanitary engineering communications, the loss of their tightness due to freezing of water.

Other malfunctions of water communications listed in the last paragraph do not apply to insurance risks.

However, how to insure your apartment from being flooded by your neighbors?

This may include a list of individual items, or the area of ​​the whole apartment, for example:

  • bearing pillars, walls, other building structures;
  • full decoration of the building;
  • expensive household, electronic equipment;
  • furniture insurance occurs only after its evaluation.

In this case, such an agreement recommends choosing the full range of services. This will protect the owner of the apartment from a possible headache in case of accidental flooding from above.

The deductible has a great influence on the amount paid to the victim – one of the conditions of the insurance concordat, which is released by the loss recovery agency.

The franchise has two types:

  • conditional;
  • unconditional.

The first is non-deductible, which means setting a certain amount. In the event of flooding, the company calculates the damage caused. If the calculated amount is less than the established amount, the agency does not pay compensation. Damage can only be repaid if the deductible amount is exceeded.

Unconditional variety means the payment of compensation regardless of the amount of damage caused.

Trying to reduce the amount of compensation, or refuse the client altogether, the insurer sets forth certain conditions that the declarant must comply with, such as:

  • it is necessary to prove that the counterparty is the owner of the dwelling, is not guilty of the flood, the opposite threatens the landlord with a trial in court with the insurer;
  • living in a rented apartment will require documentation of employment;
  • The issued policy without the first cash payment will allow the company to refuse the client, even if it was an apartment insurance against the flooding of its neighbors.

Therefore, noticing the first signs of water appearing on the ceiling, it is necessary to take photos of what is happening, which will help prove to the agency, or through the judicial authorities, the damage.

Attention! Damage assessment always takes into account hidden damage. These are caused, for example, by the ingress of water under an expensive floor covering, which will begin to deteriorate.


Which insurance company to choose

The declarant does not need much work to find the insurance organization – there are enough of them. Almost all of them have the same rates and conditions. However, choosing a bona fide insurer with a good reputation will allow the landlord to receive the payment due to him in a timely manner.

Based on the foregoing, the selection should be made according to the following criteria, such as:

  1. The duration of the company. It is advisable to proceed from the principle that the agency has existed for at least 10 years.
  2. Openness of the organization, compensation payments, court cases. A supplement will be clarification of the circumstances under which the insurance company denied the claim of the declarants.
  3. Not superfluous will be searching the network for information on the number of policies implemented, the frequency of payments. Excessive generosity of the agency may lead to its bankruptcy.
  4. Availability of online calculator to calculate the cost of the policy in case of fire or flooding of the apartment.

Here you can match the sites with customer reviews, opinions about your chosen company.

The cost of the policy (the top 5 offers on the market in 2019, Sberbank, Rosgosstrakh, Sogaz and others) and on what depends

It is impossible to indicate the exact cost of the insurance document from flooding, fire. Many of its factors are determined by the market value of the building, its security against risks. The price also depends on the following aspects, such as:

  • the size of the building, apartment;
  • his age;
  • availability of security systems;
  • technically sound communications;
  • general condition of the premises.

Comprehensive insurance will cost the customer 0.2% of the size of the insured property, the property of the house – 0.5. This will help the client to calculate how much it will cost him to insure the apartment.

The final cost of the policy is determined by:

  • selected types of risks, and liability insurance from flooding the neighbors, will be somewhat more expensive than protecting their property;
  • the number of objects listed by the policy;
  • the duration of the program;
  • the value of the property itself, which is reflected in its market value;
  • type of policy, without visiting the agent will cost more than the individual.

A more accurate cost of insurance against flooding the fire you can tell our specialist. Just sign up for a free consultation in a special form on the site.

Below is a ranking of the most popular insurance organizations.



It is the most famous company in the market for services of this type. It offers insurance of residential real estate, its individual rooms, building structures, components, civil liability against flooding of its neighbors. The most popular is practiced Kit Insurance without inspection.


Offers policies against accidents of sanitary engineering networks in multi-storey buildings, unlawful actions of unauthorized persons, various natural disasters, flooding, fire. The cost of a Sberbank certificate depends on the number of cases envisaged, its type, and duration.


Provides several packages – Without inspection and signature, Individual, Short-term. The client has the right to assess the value of the property himself, call an agent, or sign a concordat for the time of leaving the city.


A quarter of a century of existence on the market allows concluding an agreement on saving the property of a city or country house, apartment, land plot. The applicant is offered a choice of several packages with different risks.



Successfully conducts his work for 25 years. It will compensate for the consequences of fire, theft, insurance against flooding. The possibility of paying the policy in installments, exclude a preliminary inspection, inventory of property.

Attention! There is a state insurance program. Its contributions are determined by 1 ruble and 5 kopecks for each square meter of the insured area. The applicant will receive a refund of 20,000 rubles per damaged square meter.

How to make online

To independently make the calculation and issue a policy of fire and flooding, it is enough to do the calculation on our calculator.

An important point! You can choose one of three policy options, namely, take the classic version with protection against fire and flooding, or even insure liability to your neighbors, as well as use the policy only for the duration of your holiday.

Terms of insurance

There are two types of insurance:

  • classical;
  • standardized.

The first is determined by the choice of objects, the future risks by the applicant himself, insurance of an apartment against the flooding of neighbors. You will need to visit an agent to inspect the property, real estate. The term of the agreement is 30 days to one year.

Standardized includes fires, flooding, natural disasters, theft, civil liability. It provides an opportunity to choose any risk separately, but insurance of an apartment against the flooding of its neighbors is then not carried out. The term of the agreement is not less than a year.

The calendar

How to save

Protect your building – the care of every owner. Better to spend a little bit today, so as not to shell out tomorrow. To save on insurance will help the following conditions:

  • insure on an individual program;
  • the presence of fire and security systems will significantly reduce the cost of the concordat;
  • selection of target risks;
  • franchise agreement;
  • signing a short-term vacation agreement.

Not be superfluous to include in the latest insurance from flooding the neighbors below.


Correctly conclude the contract, include the foreseen risks, insure the apartment from the flooding of neighbors, fire, and other natural disasters will help the declarant to avoid significant costs in the future. Many agencies offer clients a choice of various insurance packages, individual programs. The conclusion of the contract can occur both with a visit to the agent, and without it.

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