Finance mortgage

GNY provides assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan for the purchase of private and commercial real estate in New York on the security of credited or other premises for residents of Russia and the CIS countries, we are in close cooperation with leading banks such as CHASE, UBS, HSBC , CITI, BANK OF AMERICA.

     Borrower can act as an individual or companies. To get a loan for the purchase of real estate, you need:

1. Borrower’s passport / visa 
2. Documents confirming the financial condition and employment of the borrower. 

Type of loan 

1. In case you purchase real estate for rest, investment, or are just planning to move to live in the US, we offer to get a mortgage under the program of foreigner national . Mortgage payments can be made using both annuity and differentiated schemes. Loans may be issued in US dollars. 

2. In the case of legal residence in the United States, if you have an established credit history, work in the United States or income sources, we are able to offer a loan to the conditions of the US resident 

size of the mortgage in the US

In the US, a foreign property buyer can expect to receive a mortgage loan for an amount not exceeding 50% (in some cases 60%) of the estimated or market value of the property (whichever is less). The size of a mortgage loan in the United States will also strongly depend on the type of property (house, residence, or condominium). Credit for apartments (condo) in the states of Nevada and Florida is now quite difficult to obtain and in some cases practically impossible, New York, however, is an exception. Additional conditions are also the location of the property, its condition, i.e. factors affecting the liquidity of the object. 


from 4.9% to 6.9% fixed loan rates 

from 5 to 30 years possible loan period

Fixed interest rate on a loan is an interest accrual system where over the entire loan period loan payments are calculated on the basis of the same interest for using the loan amount. 

Requirements for a borrower

Banks offering a mortgage in the USA will be able to offer financing conditions based on information about the estimated value of the property and your financial situation. The interest rate will depend on your credit history, availability of accounts in American and European banks, availability of recommendations from foreign banks. These conditions are not mandatory, but they have an impact on obtaining a mortgage in the United States.

Banks can take into account potential rental income that property can generate and which can be officially confirmed. Banks in the United States may also require proof of income sources, including official salary, retirement accounts, dividends, investment income, or rental income. However, not all lenders require and take into account when calculating these data. There is a possibility of obtaining a loan with the provision of a minimum package of documents, but in this case, the interest rate on a mortgage loan will be higher

Application for a mortgage loan in the United States for the purpose of purchasing real estate. 

We recommend finding out about possible mortgage options before making a purchase and, possibly, until you plan your visit to search for real estate in the USA. This will let you know what conditions you can expect based on the financial condition and your budget, and obtain prior approval of the bank, upon receipt of which you will have time to search for real estate and obtain financing on terms proposed 

closing of the transaction

GNY will make every effort to prepare the credit for purchase of real estate in the United States in the stated time frame.