How mortgage on foreign real estate is issued for Russians in the most popular countries of Europe, Asia and America

Mortgages for foreign real estate are popular among Russians because they have the opportunity to purchase comfortable housing in prestigious areas of various countries and favorable credit conditions. Let us consider in more detail the pros and cons of obtaining such a loan, the countries with the most advantageous offers and the existing requirements for non-residents.

On what conditions is mortgages issued in Europe in 2019: interest rate for Russians and locals

European real estate is an effective way of investing both own and borrowed funds. Low interest rates, the optimal price-quality ratio of housing, flexible lending conditions are not all factors that encourage Russians to buy apartments, houses and apartments abroad. Let us consider in detail how mortgages are drawn up in Europe, what nuances and pitfalls exist.

Mortgage loan in Germany: conditions, interest rate and banks

Acquisition of real estate in Germany is a profitable investment option or just housing solutions. The stability of the housing market and the economy as a whole, low interest rates are attractive factors, including for foreign investment. Let us consider in more detail the conditions on which mortgages are issued in Germany for Russians, and we will