Buying an apartment in a mortgage from close relatives: features of the acquisition of a share, military mortgage

Most families donate property to their loved ones through donations or inheritance. Mortgage with relatives is not the most frequent type of transaction that banks issue. Offers for housing under construction allow you to buy apartments in the mortgage, but relatives can offer the best price and preferential terms. Let us analyze the pros and cons of conducting a transaction within the family with the help of a bank loan.

Features of a mortgage for the purchase of an apartment from close relatives


Financial institutions that receive a loan request for a home from a relative will ask personal questions about the relationship between the seller and the buyer.

Some close people do not maintain trust relationships, maintain their financial budgets separately or conclude marriage contracts.

But it will be important for the bank to understand whether there will be a situation when the borrower and the seller owning a common budget, in fact, issue a loan to themselves. If the application for a mortgage is fictitious and is filed to receive money for a business, the bank will see lost profits on the cost of the loan.

If a bank detects fraudulent intentions, the minimum problem will be non-issuance of a loan and blacklisting of borrowers.

However, not all family ties will be considered by the bank as a high degree of risk. This applies mainly to the close circle, which most often claims an inheritance in the event of the death of the owner of the property.

Important! If housing is purchased from relatives, the loan will be more expensive due to the impossibility of refund of the deduction of taxes on mortgages .

Who are close relatives according to banks?

The bank’s credit policy on risk assessment considers close relatives, relying on legislation (Family Code of the Russian Federation), and verifies direct horizontal and vertical communications:

  • spouses (wife / husband);
  • parents (official adoptive parents);
  • children (including not relatives, but adopted);
  • brothers and sisters (including those who are not homogeneous – when only the father or mother is the direct blood relative);
  • guardians and their wards.

The law calls transactions between such relatives interdependent, and the bank will be most suspicious of the estimated cost of housing.

For example, if a father has 2 sons, and one of them wants to buy out a parent’s apartment in a mortgage. The bank will immediately begin to calculate options for possible court claims of the second brother in the event of the realization of the pledge or the death of the father. And even if the son who buys the apartment, has a good solvency and credit history, he may well be refused.

However, a more favorable situation in the case of distant relatives. Deals with siblings or spouses, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law and mother-in-law increase the likelihood of a favorable loan decision.

This option is advisable to immediately announce the bank manager, because the estimated rating will increase. Firstly, there will be no direct threats to the division of the family inheritance, and secondly, the bank will know that the purchased property is well known to the borrower and is unlikely to lead him to unplanned expenses.

Attention! An option that will not be approved under any circumstances is the design of a mortgage with a relative of a nearby circle, when the premises are the only housing. Also, there will always be a ban on the participation in the transaction of minor relatives.

What banks lend transactions between close relatives

Individual consideration of complex transactions (which include “related” loans) can afford mostly large banks with a large staff of lawyers and risk specialists.

The list of major banks that are willing to consider applications for a mortgage within the family in rubles (the best conditions for customers without benefits):

BankTerm maxMin betDown payment minAmountmax
Unicredit30 years10.75%15 %Moscow, St. Petersburg – 30 millionRegions – 15 million
VTB30 years10.1%ten%60 million
Gazprombank30 years10.5%ten%Moscow, St. Petersburg – 60 millionRegions – 45 million
Raifazen Bank30 years9.99%17% 26 million
Sberbank30 years10.2%15 %85% of the valuation cost

Banks that are not on the list, as a rule, refuse to accept applications for mortgages between relatives.

Minimum interest rates and maximum disbursement amounts are provided to bank customers who receive fixed income on accounts (salary or deposit storage).

Types of fines that increase the rate:

  • no confirmation of the purpose of the loan;
  • no confirmation of consent to change the insurance contract;
  • not repaying a part of the loan, if no transfer of funds was made for the parent capital;
  • lack of or not proper registration of insurance (the insurance company is not included in the bank’s trusted list);
  • refusal to sign a mortgage agreement and registration of collateral.

Types of benefits, including reducing the rate:

  • participation in a salary project through a creditor bank;
  • increase the amount of the first installment;
  • reduction of the loan amount below the minimum limit;
  • possibility of attracting several co-borrowers.

Features of mortgage between close relatives in Sberbank


If the loan is intended for a relative and is classified in the form of a mortgage, Sberbank employees will offer to fill out a detailed form of family ties. If there is a risk of claims from relatives, the bank may request an additional security deposit, which belongs only to the borrower.

At the same time, in Sberbank you can get not only a good interest rate, but also additional bonuses.

The best interest on a mortgage is given under the following conditions:

  • if you are a member of the salary project;
  • when making an electronic registration of the transaction;
  • in the presence of life and health insurance (except for a military mortgage).

Sberbank has several mortgage programs that can be considered with the participation of relatives:

  • purchase of finished housing (10.2%);
  • the purchase of housing under construction, with the re-registration of the mortgage within the family (8.5%);
  • buying a home (11.1%);
  • with the participation of maternity capital (10.2%);
  • mortgage for military personnel (from 9.5%).

Age restrictions:

  • a loan is possible from 21 years;
  • full repayment of the loan must occur before the age of 75 (for military personnel under the military mortgage program – up to 45 years).

Since Sberbank has a good automated base for checking borrowers, it makes no sense to try to hide family ties when getting a loan.

How to buy a share in the apartment from close relatives on the mortgage

If it is necessary to redeem a relative’s share in an apartment, then it should be the last. After payment of housing should go into full ownership.

Such loans are considered by banks as standard, since the entire apartment will be accepted as a security for the loan and there will be no risk of claims from other owners.

It is impossible to repurchase a share if there are several owners through a mortgage, since the bank will not issue a pledge for a part of the property (low liquidity property).

When the last share of the apartment is already purchased, then after the Pension Fund has approved it, it is possible to offset part of the mortgage expenses by the parent capital.

Features of military mortgage with relatives

Despite the strict rules of registration of mortgage for military personnel, the choice of homeowner, which will be financed by the state, is assessed by the bank, and not by the government agency.

FGKU “Rosvoenipoteka” gives a clear explanation on this issue. In fact, the state pays funds for the purchase of housing for a soldier for a designated purpose to a special bank account and he has no risk that the officer uses budget funds for other purposes.

When approving the financing of a military mortgage, government officials will check the documents that state that the premises comply with construction, fire, technical and sanitary standards described in the Housing Code of the Russian Federation (Article 15, Part 2).

Getting a military mortgage with the participation of a relative is quite possible. At the same time, the check of the seller and his family ties with the military man – the borrower is fully within the competence of the bank. If the bank considers that the deal with relatives is not aimed at a real purchase of housing, but to receive money within the family for a long time, then a refusal is possible.

In the event of a conflict with the family, within which the property was sold, and the loss of housing, Rosvoenipotek FGKU will not accept any claims from the officer.

Possible causes of failure and how to avoid them

To increase the chances of approval of the transaction, you should examine all the standard requirements for creditworthiness that banks impose on borrowers.

The most obvious reasons for failure and how to avoid it:

  • Deal between spouses, even if they live in a civil marriage or have a marriage contract. The chance will decrease even more if a minor child grows up in a family. The probability of issuing a mortgage will increase if the spouse will be in official divorce.
  • The purchase of housing, the purchase of a share in an apartment will raise big questions if parents and children participate in it. As a way out – you can resort to the help of a third person (a very close friend) who is ready to issue a deal for himself.
  • Good chance may have a mortgage loan option when buying commercial real estate from a close relative. If the object is not part of the inheritance and the seller is the only owner, then the family relationship will not interfere.

Mortgage for the purchase or purchase of a real estate relative has its pros and cons. The closer the blood ties with the seller, the more problems with the registration of the mortgage arises.

Before applying to the bank for registration of a mortgage with relatives, it is better to consult with a lawyer who works on the site and will be able to suggest the best way out for each individual case.

To calculate the budget correctly, before applying for a loan, it is worth exploring all possible expenses and familiarizing yourself with the current mortgage conditions .

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