Mortgage lending in the United States in 2019 for Russians: conditions, banks, and theinterest rate

USis a country with favorable mortgage lending, both for Americans themselves and for foreign citizens. Low interest rates, loyalty to potential customers and the development of the country’s economy are the factors that determine the high demand for mortgages. Let us consider in more detail what features a mortgage has in the United States and

Buying an apartment in a mortgage from close relatives: features of the acquisition of a share, military mortgage

Most families donate property to their loved ones through donations or inheritance. Mortgage with relatives is not the most frequent type of transaction that banks issue. Offers for housing under construction allow you to buy apartments in the mortgage, but relatives can offer the best price and preferential terms. Let us analyze the pros and cons of conducting

Mortgage lending in the Czech Republic in 2019: conditions, interest rate, banks and documents for registration

The Czech real estate market today is experiencing a rise in construction and sales. Even a citizen of a foreign state can get a mortgage loan on very favorable terms. Let us consider in detail how a mortgage is drawn up in the Czech Republic, what interest rate should be counted on, and what are the requirements